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Central Heating System Installations
In Central Heating System hot water is shipped with pipes to various part of the building. Iron radiators are usually used in these systems.
Here, radiator is a heat transfer medium that deliver heat to the environment. Usually radiators are assembled to the walls, but in some systems pipes are embedded directly to the ground thus no radiator is used in these systems.
Floor Heating System Installations
In single-storey buildings, floor heating system is the most appropriate way. Nowadays due to the problem between people that live in multi-storey buildings,floor heating system has become widespread in these buildings also.
Cascade (Central Combi Heating) Systems
All devices in cascade system works as modulated. All boilers should be connected to the control unit so that they can be controlled simultaneously.
The cascade system eliminate the high costs that is due to large boilers. The cascade system consists of multiple devices according to the needs. Devices that work side by side work as modulated.
Condensing Boiler Systems
Condensing Boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers since heat exchanger recovers the latent heat from the flue.The main difference between the conventional system is the size of the system since the heat exchanger covers large area for absorbing the heat from the flue gases.
The main heat exchanger decrease the temperature of the flue gases to 54 degrees by absorbing the energy of the gases. By decreasing the temperature of flue gases to under 54 degrees , the steam in the flue gases condenses and the energy of the steam is recovered.
Combi Installations
Installation is consist of combi and honeycombs,it can be under plaster or over plaster. This can be done as underfloor heating systems and mobile systems. Heating installation over alum must be done with foil pipe. The foiled pipe is the ideal material since it has high temperature resistant and also it prevents heat losses
Underfloor Heating Systems
Underfloor heating systems are healthy, comfortable and economical heating method. In recent years these systems become increasingly common as the improved quality of the products used in the production.
In practice, approximately 30-50% energy savings can be achieved.It is optimal for human anatomy , it is healty and economical. A homogeneous temperature distribution and temperature in the place used is achieved . Air moisture balance does not deteriorate with underfloor heating. There is no excessive airflow in the space used since the temperature difference is small, thus dust circulation is eliminated.Curtains and walls do not become dirty.
For underfloor heating systems that has certain features , the styrofoam is laid to clean betonüzer. Protect tarp laid on this styrofoam. After laiding the tarp , some special clips are assembled and piping is done .
Radyant Heating Systems
In radiant heating systems in practice,It is possible to heat only the desired location or all regions with the appropriate placement of the heater. This system is successful in places(fully open,huge,high) where heating is very difficult.
Combat Natural Gas Heating Systems
These systems are gas-fired hot air generators.
Workshops, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Dining Halls, Warehouses, Service Stations, Factories, Gymnasiums, Greenhouses, Farms are the main usage areas.
Radial ve Axial Hot Weather Appliances
Hot Weather Appliances with axial and radial fans are used in factories, workshops, hangars,garages, gyms etc.
Hot Weather Appliances with axial fans under the 90/70 degrees hot water working conditions is produced with the capacity range of 4.000 - 24.000 kcal/h. Hot Weather Appliances with radial fans under the 90/70 degrees hot water working conditions is produced with the capacity range of 6.000 - 42.000 kcal/h.
If desired radial fan devices can be manufactured to operate with hot water and steam. It is more appropriate to use axial fans at the places that has length up to 4 meters. It is more appropriate to use radial fans at the places that has length more than 4 meters.
Solar Energy Systems
Solar collectors, that is usually preferred in the Turkey , are collector that converts solar energy into thermal energy. Solar collectors that is used in solar energy systems are the structures that provide heat and electricity generation from natural sources.
Solar panel, It is an energy source that holds many solar cells for absorption of solar energy. Solar energy is a renewable and environmentally friendly forms of energy. Large systems are installed for Industrial applications or for power plants that use thousands of solar panels. Performance of a solar cell is measured by its efficiency.
Split Air Conditioner
These are cooling systems that use chlorine flora are hydrocarbon gas as cooling fluid. These are designed as heating pump thus heating is also possible. The compressor is located in the outdoor unit. Evaporator and fan motor is located in the indoor unit.
Concealed ceiling split air conditioners: Indoor unit is assembled in ceiling and blows air from the ceiling.With additional air channels , the air can be moved to distant places.
Saloon Type Split Air Conditioners: In wide places like saloon, with powerful fans the air is circulated to distant places.Also , it has heating resistances thus it can warm the place.
Multi Split Air Conditioner
When asked to provide air conditioning to more than one place with a single outdoor unit and especially there is a problem for assembling more outdoor units multi split air conditioner system is ideal choice.
VRF - VRV System Air Conditioner (Heat Recovery)
Each unit which is controlled by the central panel can be programmed individually. That is offices that are independent from each other can have different temperatures.
If desired, the central air conditioning system energy can be calculated for each unit consumed. Thus it is possible individual billing.
These systems are used in places where there are independent areas inside it like hotels, hospitals, offices,shopping center, restaurants, shops, theaters and cinemas.
Channel Type Air Conditioner
Channel type air conditioner which is in the central system category, provide air distribution through channels and culverts. Air conditioner indoor unit can be mounted in the ceiling thus it can be hidden.
Since they have fresh air intake features,they are preferred in the high comfortable places.If they are assembled well only decorative blowing and suction grilles are visible.
Cassette Type Air Conditioner
Cassette type air conditioning units are mounted on the interior attic space. Since it has a fresh air intake facility it is preferred in places where high comfort requirements are desired.It has a four-way air blowing feature.
If it is assembled well only it's decorative blowing and suction grilles are visible.
Wall Type Air Conditioner
Consisting of an inner and an outer unit ,wall mounted air conditioners operate fairly low volume. They have capacities between 7.000 Btu/h ile 30.000 Btu/h.
Wall type air conditioners can be used in almost every place.
Saloon Type Air Conditioner
Saloon type air conditioners have powerful fans thus they can blow air to large areas. They have additional heaters as standard.
Usage Areas
  • Business Location
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Shops and Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Houses
Floor Ceiling Type Air Conditioner(Packet Type Air Conditioner)
Floor ceiling type air conditioner models with flexible setup options are extremely useful model for the structures that need less space
Floor ceiling type air conditioner models that suits every environment do not need any additional apparatus.They can be assembled to floor or to ceiling according to needs.
With the flexibility feature in mounting their place can be easily changed.
Fancoil Systems
Fancoil,which will be understood from the name, have a front fan and a coil. Inside this coil hot or cold water is passed through. If the hot water is passed from the system heating is supplied, cooling is provided when cold water passes.
Fancoil units are manufactured in several models. Fancoil devices are grouped as floor type , wall type, ceiling type , casette type that blows air to four-way and channel type. Fancoil units are used in the winter as heater and used as a cooler in the summer.
Fancoils are selected according to their usage place. In schools floor types are preferred while in houses four-way blow type is preferred. In hotels ,channel type is preferred.All fancoil devices use thermostat. Despite the high cost of initial system setup ,operating costs are very convenient
Heat Pump Systems
Heat pump systems benefit from the heat energy of soil , water or air. Thus with the small amount of electrical energy , they can heat the water and thus heat the places with low cost.
Heat pump systems do not use electricity for heating, use it just for circulating the water or air.Heat pumps that use air use electricity in fans and compressor.
Heat pumps have 4 elements :
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Walve
  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
Heat pumps are used in underfloor heating,radiator,wall type heating, ceiling heating and cooling and fancoil systems.Heat pumps are used not only as alone systems but also they are used for additional heating and cooling purposes.
Air Conditioner Centrals and Air Conditioner Systems
These systems filter,heat,cool, and moisten the air and circulate the air to inside the place. The system regulates the climate, controls the airflow and temperature and provides the comfort of environment
In modern buildings climate control and comfort is an important element. Heating ,ventilating and air conditioning systems helps to ensure the comfort of the environment by regulating airflow , temperature and climate.
HVAC systems are important for the people's health since these systems eliminate the harmful organisms from the environment. Furthermore with the automation of HVAC systems energy can be saved.
Roof-Top Air Conditioner Systems 
In roof-top air conditioner systems indoor unit and outdoor unit has been turned into a single unit. They haven't got second unit.They are preferred for lesser space covering feature and higher air flow.
They work with electrical energy.They have heating and cooling features. Via air channels they distribute the air to the desired locations. They work with 100% fresh air as well as working with recovered air.
Water Cooling Groups
As described in water heating systems,chiller systems are used as heating and cooling purposes at houses and at industrial environments.
Chiller water cooling groups with modern , packet type special design and easy assembly feature are preferred by central systems. Chiller water cooling systems have a higher cooling capacity with respect to heater systems. At buildings ,the cold water that is used in climate central and fancoil is produced with chiller systems.
Air Curtains
Air curtain preserves the quality of the conditioned air that is inside a place thus it prevents the negative effects of the outer air.It does it via blowing the air at specific speed.
As the air curtain is selected,it is needed to know the information of door width,door height,usage purpose ,climate condition etc. The size of the air curtain and fan capacity is selected according to this information.
Air Conditioner Centrals
Air conditioner centrals are the devices that condition the air that is taken from the atmosphere and sends the conditioned air to the desired place.
Air conditioner centrals can be produced in many models and features according to the project's structure and properties. Air conditioner centrals models are referred to as the 3 main headings.
  • Mixtured Air Air Conditioner Centrals
  • Heat Recovery Air Conditioner Centrals
  • 100% Fresh Air / Returned Air
Air conditioner centrals can be selected according to the project's structures and properties. Additional equipments can be assembled to achieve desired conditioned air.
  • Fan
  • Aspirator
  • Manual or motorized air control dampers ( The mixture of fresh air and exhaust )
  • Filter
  • Heating Serpentine
  • Cooling Serpentine
  • Drop Holders
  • Humidification Unit
  • Dehumidification Unit
Cellular Aspirators and Fans
These devices are designed for changing the environment air at the places where heating and cooling are undesirable. They can be designed as having high pressure and flow capacities according to the properties air installation. Optionally,they can be manufactured with dust / oil / odor filter. They can be used with cassette filters and also without filters.
Filter types that is used in casette type filters.
  • Metal Wire Filter (Oil Trap)
  • Granular Carbon (Odor Trap)
  • Metal Wire Filter + Granular (Oil and Odor Trap)
They are used to clean the food odor (grilled fish etc.), smoke and heavy dust before sending atmosphere. Dirty air is washed in the specially designed washing cell thus it's oil and dust is cleaned up to 80% and odor is cleaned up to 50%. Activated carbon odor holder filter can clean the odor up to 70%.
The aqueous system filter cell is manufactured alone and also can be manufactured with aspirator unit.
Place Of Usage:
Usually they are used at the places where low noise is desired. For example: 
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Cinemas
  • Hospitals
  • Chemical and Textile Industry
There are two types according to the kind of fan used: Dense and Rare Winged.
Rare Winged.
Dense Winged.
Channel Type Fans
The main features of this fan are to be easy installation,to be made of lightweight material no maintenance,working quietly and occupies minimal space. Depending on the model , there are 4,6 or 8 poles mono phase and / or three phase motor types.They can be assembled between the channels as well as assembled at the end of the channel.
Rectangular Type Channel Fans: Rectangular channel fans can be easily applied to ventilation system and can be designed to meet the needs of air conditioning. They can be used in almost every air channel installations.
Round Type Channel Fans: They have high efficiency by having the low noise volume , powerful air flow and continuous high pressure.

Usage Places: Laboratories-Factories-Kitchen-Hospitals-Offices-Restaurants

Roof Type Fans
Roof fans are designed specifically for continuous and quiet operation units and have requested by domestic and industrial ventilation applications. They can be assembled to any type roofs.They are designed for using directly or using with channels.
Wall Type Fans
They are designed to exhaust air directly into the external environment. A structure that can easily be used in many areas of industry.
Elicent Fans
Since they respond to the needs of most small-scale channel installations , they are used for exhausting or for feeding fresh air.They are ideal for kitchen exhaust gases and for paddle boxes.They can provide air circulation even for long channels.
WC Fans
They are suitables for toilets, bedrooms, baths, shower cabins, boiler room, kitchens, offices and showrooms. They can be assembled to the wall , to window or to ceiling.
Snail Fans
They are the ventilation units, that are bounded to square and circular cross-section air channels.They work quite successfully for transmission of particles,dust etc. Especially, they are used in paint bakery, textiles and quarry.
Jet Fans
Jet fans are designed to use in place in large volume to give high air circulation. These fans also have the general characteristics of the axial fan,and usually used in highway and subway tunnels,and in closed car park they are used as ventilation systems and fire fans.They can be used as bidirectional without loosing the efficiency .
These fans can be manufactured with or without silencer. They blow the air fast and powerfully thus they determine the movement direction of air traffic.
Usually they are mounted to the ceiling with specific intervals. According to the needs more than one fan can be mounted as parallel or serial.
Exproof Fans
They are preferred at the places where there is a risk of explosion and deflagration. Furthermore they are chosed at oil refineries, gas stations, tankers, chemical and mineral stores. Exproof fans are equipped with electrostatic charge preventive materials and protective measures to comply with international standards
Axial Fans
Axial fans are mobilizing the air in the axial direction and parallel to the motor shaft with a function similar to aircraft propeller. In industrial plants it is used for cooling and ventilation. They have compact structure, low initial cost, low installation cost and have lower noise levels at the same wing tip speed.
Heat Recovery Systems
In offices, homes, hotels and exhibition centers it provides fresh air and is used to exhaust contaminated air. Exhaust air's energy is transfered to fresh air by means of heat exchanger thus providing energy economy. It provides the selection of lower capacity equipment for air conditioning.
There is an additional charge for incoming fresh air in conventional air conditioning ventilation system. In heat recovery device , there is energy savings due to reducing the load on the air conditioning system.
  • Reduces the energy needed to bring the fresh air from the outside to ambient conditions
  • Reduces power consumption thanks to highly efficient plug fans. 
  • Reduces CO2 emissions due to energy saving and prevents environmental pollution.
  • Due to the recovery of exhaust heat, reduce the initial investment and operating costs of air conditioning systems
Industrial Conditioning Systems
Industrial conditioning systems are the mechanical systems, that changes the contaminated air in the workplace with or without heating by means of natural flow ,effective pressure or mechanical impact (ventilator).
Commercial air conditioning is done to control exposure to airborne contaminants. Overall, in order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment dust and vapors. are removed. Industrial systems are designed to eliminate unwanted contaminants and designed to move air with a certain speed.
The same basic principles are followed in all industrial ventilation systems; however for each work According to the type of contaminants in the workplace, system design must be done separately.
Industrial conditioning systems contains,necessary parts to throw dirty air, required fans to move the air in the system,air filtration devices and the fan used to provide the movement of air. There are two types of mechanical ventilation systems in the industry:
General (or dilution) ventilation system, reduces the rate of fresh air and contaminated air mixing. General ventilation provides a large amount of fresh air to the building and it pumps out the dirty air. The system typically includes a large exhaust fan that is placed in the wall or roof of or a room.
Local exhaust ventilation system,captures contaminants at or very near the source and throws it out. Local exhaust ventilation system, by trapping pollutants close to the source, is used to control air pollutants. The local system checks toxic pollutants before they reaches the breathing zone of workers thus it is far more effective way.
Air Channels
Air channels in life-commercial-industrial buildings are used as a complementary element of ventilation air conditioning systems. Their usage purpose is hot and cold air transfer in buildings, clean and polluted air transfer.
Rectangle, Oval and Round Air Channel: One of the air channels that is appropriate to the architecture is selected .
Rectangle Air Channel
Oval Air Channel
Round Air Channel
Flexible Air Channel, has the ability of high flexibility, bending and compressibility. Oval, round and rectangular connectors are easy to install. Flexible air channels are used in heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning and exhaust systems at low and medium pressure
Self-flanged air channel, provides maximum seal in ventilation system. Difference from the traditional fastening flange is the channel itself is made by pulling the flange with special machines. In this way almost no air leaks exist thus provides energy savings
Fabric air channel, is appropriate for distribution of fresh air in an effective and homogeneous way. Be light, be washable and to be affordable are the choosing reasons.
Air Distribution and Control Elements
Volume control dampers are used in order to control the air flow. They are used in the transmission of the constant flow of fresh air to the desired locations in the ventilation system needs .
One-way valves, are used to prevent air recoil. They allow the unidirectional passage of air.
Air Distribution Elements
  • Single row wing culverts
  • Double row wing culverts
  • Linear culverts
  • Square honeycomb culverts
  • Curved wing culverts
  • Door culverts
  • Round channel culverts
  • Hinged culverts
  • Culvert dampers
Diffusers (Anemostats)
  • Square ceiling diffusers
  • Round ceiling diffusers
  • Linear diffusers
  • Swirl diffusers
  • Jet nozzles
Louvers and Dampers
  • Outer air louvers
  • Acustic louvers
  • Sand trap louvers
  • Air dampers
  • Irreversible dampers
  • Rectangle silencers
  • Circular silencers
Fire Pumps
Fire pumps are used to pressurize the water and foam-water extinguishing systems.
Gaseous Fire Fighting
CO2 Extinguishing Systems
CO2 systems can be used in places where people don't exist. They can be used in places where people don't present like transformer room, generator room, electrical room, and air conditioning room.
FM200 Gaseous Extinguishing System
FM200 gaseous extinguishing system does not leave any toxic substances after application. At the location, the system's electrical conductivity is not available
FM200 gaseous fire extinguishing systems are used in archives, telephone exchanges, security rooms, computer rooms, generator rooms, electrical rooms and museums as places that can be damaged by water fire extinguishing systems.
Foam Extinguishing Systems
Fire fighting foam; is a community of foam bubbles concentrate under pressure with water and air. High-throughput foam systems; they are used in places where it is desirable to fill the space with foam, and to prevent contact of the fire with air.
Powder Extinguishing Systems
Dry chemical extinguishing system is a more effective and cheaper system than gaseous and sprinkler systems It is one of the best solutions in (B), (C) and (D) classes of fires.
Paddle Box Fire Fighting
The system is used for extinguishing fires that arise due to accumulation of fats that caused by not cleaning hoods for a long time.
Hospital and Clean Room Applications
They are the systems that control the parameters like particles, number of microorganisms ,temperature, humidity and pressure.
Air must be decontaminated from the particles and should be free of micro-organisms so that infections do not pass through air. With best designed hygienic air conditioning and ventilation system it can be provided purified clean air.
Hepa Filter Boxes
Hepa filter is used for the installation of sanitary ventilation equipment. It provides full sealing and easy to use facilities Air inlet is from the sides and from top.
Hepa filter boxes are used in the places like operating rooms and clean rooms (pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry) that require high quality (purity) air , hygiene and sterile .
Operating Laf Room Systems
LAF (Laminar Air Flow): Laminar airflow is a form that is created by the vertical air flow that has a speed of 3 to 0.45 m / s. In laminar airflow ,air does not mix with the ambient air since it flows straight down or in another words , the air in an ambient with the laminar flow does not interfere with the air in an ambient with a non-laminar flow.
In this way particle-controlled sterile environment can be produced and protected. Laminar flow is mostly used in operating room of hospitals ,in pharmaceutical plants, in food plants and in electronics industry.
Package Type Hygienic Air Conditioning Systems
Package type hygienic air conditioning system has been developed in order to meet the requirements of sanitary spaces and clean rooms. Usage places are the places that require sterile conditions like operating rooms, clean rooms, food ,air defence, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries
  They are used at chemical endustries in order to provide air needs and positive or negative pressure requirements.
Package type hygienic air handling units, offers an advantageous solution combining hygienic air handling units and chillers in a single device.
Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger is a device that is used to transfer heat from one fluid to other. For providing that the fluids should not touch each other in the heat exchanger fluids are separated by a solid wall, and thus fluid is never interfered. There are the systems in which the fluids can contact with each other also.
Compressed Air Systems
Compressed air is a great helper in performing difficult and complex movements in areas where not enough manpower exists thanks to the energy that they can store. They are used in many applications in industry thanks to the advantages such as ease of maintenance and long life,ease of application and to be simple and straightforward.
Waste Heat Boiler
They are the equipments which are playing a very important role in recovering heat energy from the waste gases from various processes. Designed and produced for thermal recycling ,waste heat boiler, is used in many areas according to the process and to the fluid to be heated.
Cold Room Systems
Generated from industrial cold room panels cold room systems is located at the beginning of acceptable housing system in the world. They provide healthy hygienic environment that provides protection for a long time without spoiling the spontaneity and freshness of food.
Soğuk depoların kurulduğu tesislerin başında, hastaneler, laboratuarlar, süpermarketler, pastane ve lokantalar gelir
Pool Installation and Humidity Control Systems
As much water evaporates continuously at the places that has indoor pool, a moist environment exist at these places. With the humidity control device humidity is brought to the desired ratio thus they provide comfort of environment and the building is protected from excessive moisture.
Pool Heating Systems
Plate Heat Exchanger
It is a plate heat exchanger that is designed to heat the pool water. It is connected to a heating center like combi-boiler or solar collector. Easily can be mounted to a filtration installation.
Electrical Heater
They are the electrical heater that are designed to heat the pool water and easily can be mounted to a filtration installation.
Heat Pump
They are the heat pumps that are designed to heat the pool water. All components used in the construction have been selected to ensure maximum efficiency in the swimming pool conditions.
The heat pump provides the energy from the environment 4 times more than the energy that it consumes so they have the lowest operating costs in the heating pool. There is also no need for any heating source.They can be directly connected to the feeding line.
Elevator Systems
Electrical lifts; through the drive motor in the engine room that receive command from the control panel move the cabinet to the desired direction.
Passenger Lifts
Elevator for transporting people.Therefore, the comfort is prioritized.
Hydraulic Elevator
These are the systems whose movement is done by directly or indirectly with the pistons that is moved by the hydraulic pump unit. Usually applied in load elevator and applied the places where there is no appropriate place for machine room.
Machine Roomless Lifts
The machine is mounted on the top of the lifts. Since these systems do not need machine room they increase the building space and add a value considering energy efficiency and low operating costs of the system.
Load - Stretcher - Vehicle Elevator
Load elevators are for load-carrying,but some models are used by people also. Stretcher lifts are used for the transportation of patients in hospitals.
Disabled Elevator
Elevators that are specially designed for disabled people. Available at the entrances of buildings or inside buildings.
Panoramic Elevator
These are designed for places like hotels, resorts,shopping malls etc. so that customers can see the panoramic view of environment.
Dumb Waiter (Service) Elevator
Service elevator is usually used in transporting plates, cups and trays to the floor at where the meal is served. They are used only for the purpose of carrying loads and are designed in size people can not enter.
Filter Systems
Jet Pulse Filters,
They are the automatic systems that eliminate the odor,dust and smoke that arise during production in industrial fields.
Active Carbon Filters
The system is used in industrial plants and commercial buildings for the retention of organic odors
Fancoil and Heat Pump Filters
They are designed as a front filter for fancoil units and ventilation systems equipment. They can be produced from polyurethane and washable synthetic filter material
Panel Filters
Particularly used for the purpose of holding the dry powder of the ventilation system and designed to be used as a pre-filter before the sensitive filter.
Washable Metal Cassette Filters
They are used as washable dust and grease traps panel filters at ventilation systems and at kitchen paddle-box.
Dust Collector Panel Filters
In air conditioning systems and industrial applications are used as powder and paint holder.
Hepa Filter
It protects people, materials and hygienic environment from harmful particles contained in the air. Used in environments with high air quality desired. It provides proper air flow in the clean rooms and clean work area.
Automatic transfer switches are indispensable element of power system. They are power manager of resources that work with backup resources and systems that must feed different type loads
Diesel Generator
Synchronization of Diesel Generators are done.
Gas Generator
Synchronization of Gas Generators are done.
Parallel Operation With Mains
Synchronization operation is performed so that generator and mains work together.
Synchronization Systems
Operator Panel
Load Bank
These are the systems used to eliminate the negative effects of crane and regenerative energy-producing systems when they feed on generators.
Monitoring & Controlling Power Systems
These systems help managing of real-time conditions,problem isolation,examination of trends and controlling loads and generators.
Load Shedding and Receiving Automation
Load Shedding and Receiving Automation systems are needed for kojen and diesel generator systems which are work parallel with mains.
Load shedding and receiving automation systems consist of, SCADA computer, PLC or RTU units, protection relays (frequency), automation panels, electrical energy analyzer used for the measurements and transducers.
Factory Automation
Programming of robotic equipments at the factories to operate in the desired application process.
BMS(Building Management Systems):
Different systems used in the building systems are integrated with each other. Farklı sistemleri soğutma grupları, ısıtma kazanları, pompa grupları, soğutma kuleleri, FCU (Fan Coil Unit), VAV (Variable Air Volume) gibi mekanik cihazlarla birlikte, aydınlatma, motorlu perde-panjur, audio-video, CCTV, yangın algılama, güvenlik, interkom, access giriş-çıkış sistemlerinin otomatik kontrollerini merkezi kontrolünü ve izlenmesini sağlayan sistemlere verilen addır
Lighting Automation
Lighting automation systems are systems that are controlled automatically from a single point via the local communication lines for all types of lighting fixtures in place .
CCTV Security
Closed circuit surveillance (CCTV) systems; offers continuously monitoring and recording a variety of places from more than one point. With developing technology, computers,cell phones and other media devices has the ability to access and monitor the remote cameras. Security CCTV systems established according to need, with different solutions for each project are produced
Heating & Cooling
We can make automatic configuration according to external environment temperature via automation of heating and cooling devices. Timing can be done for sleeping mode,thus significant energy savings can be achieved.
Fire Alarm Systems
With fire detection and alarm systems, we can detect fire at facilities,businesses factories,hospitals and other buildings at beginning. These are systems for saving properties and life.
System consist of detectors that detect the fire, and other devices that send the information to the monitors and computer systems.
Card Systems
These systems allows you to safely enter to and exit from buildings. Inside building,it controls door entry-exit ,in main transition point at which there aren't any doors it controls turnstiles, at vehicle entry-exit points it controls vehicle barriers. Card system that is mounted to transition points ,scan users' fingerprint,eye retina or user card and allow or disallow the entrance.
Energy cables are placed to necessary place and lighting equipment is assembled.
Electric cables taken from panel are taken to the place where the sockect is assembled.Then socket is assembled.
Closed circuit camera systems installation and wiring work is done.
Heat Pump Hvac
Electric cables that are necessary for Heat Pump Hvac like devices are prepared and cable connections are made.
Electrical connections of shop's fire systems are prepared.
Voice Calls and Music System
Electrical connections of shop's sound systems are prepared.
Electrical connections of TV systems are prepared.
Data Phone Systems
Electrical connections of data phone systems are prepared.
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